Welcome to the North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association Website
The North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association (NCWH&MA) is dedicated to the practice of exhibiting and teaching about "Ole-Timey" ways of plowing and farming. Our events provide members and guests many opportunities to fellowhip with one another.
   Our Objectives:
          • To use authentic plowing/farming equipment and practices from America's past.
          • To educate and inform any and all interested parties (especially children) of how vital these life-skills were to our ancestors. 


          •  To provide wholesome outdoor fun for our members, their families, and guests.


                                                                                  2011 Highlights
The NCWH&MA is a growing organization. We are pleased to announce the Association has 195 paid family memberships as of January, 2012. 2011 was a very good year in many respects.  Safety is always a major consideration during plow days, trail rides, or whatevere the occasion for our meeting.There were no major problems or accidents during the year's events. Good, clean, family fun is what we're all about, as we re-visit the past again and again.
 There were a lot of opportunities to meet, eat, visit and compete in 2011. Some of these include: a corn planting at Indian Ridge, hosted by Wayne and Carolyn Collier; another corn planting and plowing event in Windsor, hosted by J. T. Hoggard and Roger Manning. The Jimmy Dozier Plow day in Rocky Mount, where we first combined antique tractors and horses and mules, but in seperate fields, hosted by Joel and Jean Boseman Farms. We held  a plow day with Phil Hudson on the John Hudson Farms in Newton Grove, where we were treated to sweet potato jacks by Phil's mom (as she rode around on a golf cart with her delicious treats). Then there was the North Carolina Plowing Competition held at the historic Ivy Burn Plantation outside of Linden, hosted by Bobby Wellons. Here a number of our members competed, with two of the winners, Jesse Aldridge and Margee Stewart, going on to the US Competition in Dayton, Ohio. Jesse  and Margee placed well, representing our club admirably.
Other 2011 events included a trail/wagon ride on the North Carolina/South Carolina border sponsored by Gene and Margaret Driggers. A plow day with Spot and Sheila Rouse with a very large attendance and super good food. Another event was a plowing demonstration at the Lee County Fairgrounds hosted by Rex McArthur;  a plow day in Fair Bluff with Cathy Ashley and Frank Horne. The two tobacco stalk cuttings were lots of fun, one was with Ken and Kay Darroch near Lillington and one at the John Hudson Farms. The annual Goldsboro Plow Day was hosted by Jeff and Carolyn Walker.
We also enjoyed other unplanned small group gatherings to plow, cut hay and socialize. This was also our first full year with a formal web page. This web page has been a learning experince and we working to improve it in 2012.
 Our annual Christmas Party was at the Shriner's Club Building in Dunn, N.C., where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a time of fellowship. Association president, John Flowers, gave a review of our 2011 events and presented our 2012 goals.
Thanks to the many visitors to this website in 2011. Please check out our calendar for events this year and January 2013.