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 The North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association (NCWH&MA) is a non-profit organization.
 It began in August 1999 when plowing interest grew strong in the eastern part of North Carolina.
 There were six charter members, and one of these, John Wood, is currently a member. The
 Association sponsors Plow Days and other events for work horses and mule owners to
 demonstrate their skills and share information with others. Members are encouraged to provide
 the president with ideas for growth and development of the Association. An elected board of
 directors determines when and where meetings are held. Along with the club officers, the board
 prepares an annual calendar of events.
 An early Plow Day  was held in Benson, N. C. in a large arena. Events there included plowing
 contests, a wagon- drawn obstacle course, and a log pulling contest.
Through the years lots of plowing (which includes breaking land, discing and harrowing);
 corn-planting; stalk-cutting; corn-pulling by hand; wagon rides; and parades have been some of
 our activities. Many additional things take place on Plow Days. Often there are meals, a chuck
 wagon, and various demonstrations, such as wood carving, wood splitting and sawing,
 black-smithing, soap making, sausage stuffing, etc. Sometimes we have musical entertainment.
Interested spectators and participants are welcome to attend our events.
Come help us Roll the Past Forward!